Bund Inspection and Survey

Published : 14 Jul, 2017

If you stored liquids in fixed tanks they will no doubt have a bund wall installed around them to prevent the contents escaping if the tank fails. This is both a safety and environmental protection.

Most of the liquid storage installations I have inspected do not comply with current Australian Standards in all respects. Some of the non-conformances are easy and cheap to address such as ensuring that the bund discharge valve is locked and the key held by a responsible person. This prevents inappropriate or uncontrolled discharge from the bund.

To address the poor level of compliance of bund installations Absorb has launched a Bund Inspection and Survey. This is conducted by our qualified staff to ensure that the environmental requirements are compliant. The Survey Criteria are AS 1940 – 2004; AS 3780 – 2008; NOHSC: 1015; and relevant WHS Regulations.

The typical inspection elements are:

  • Bund Condition
  • Bund Volume
  • Crest Locus Limit
  • Rainwater disposal
  • Discharge Valve Security and Signage
  • Emergency Procedures and Drills

This Survey is a much more detailed and specific investigation of your storage facility than our other Environmental Survey and Inspections allow.

Enquire now to arrange a Bund Inspection and Survey.