Keep your SDSs Dry

Published : 25 Jan, 2017
Safety Data Sheets are required to be available to employees handling Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials. The trend is to store SDSs online using proprietary systems such as Chemwatch or Chemalert. This makes sure that the documents are up to date.
However in practise I have found that the time required to retrieve a specific SDS from these systems when an incident occurs can take time. I always include this activity in our Nationally Recognised Spill Response Training and delays of 20 minutes or more are typical.
I believe that  paper based SDSs are required at areas where chemical risks are high. To keep them close the actual workplace( rather than in an office) I recommend a SDS Holder which is a UV resistant, waterproof, polypropylene container purpose  built  to house paper documents in the field. This will ensure that the crucial information required in the event of personnel exposure to a chemical is always at hand.
Absorb has a range of shapes and sizes  of SDS Holders to meet this ever present risk.
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