New Industry Spill Kits Available

Published : 25 Jan, 2017
As a member of the Ausspill Association, Absorb Environmental Solutions are adopting the new Industry Standard Spill Kits, and we are pleased to announce that we have the new spill kit colours available now.
The new colour scheme uses Lime Green as the colour of spill kit base. This colour was chosen because of its high visibility and because it is unique, it is not used by any other industry as a bin base (It is the same colour that is used for the lids of the curb side green waste bins). The lid colours where chosen to match the colour of the absorbents, which is in line with absorbent colour coding used in the British Standard BS7959-3:2007 “Materials used for the control of liquid spillages”.
We believe new Industry Standard for spill kit colours is a big step forward for this industry and is a first step towards a consistent system of identification of spill kits and absorbents, for the whole industry, based on a simple colour coding system, as has been introduced for other safety items such as fire extinguishers.
To assist our customers in their transition to adopt this new colour system, we are making a special offer for the next six months. For all of our Spill Kit Service program clients we will replace their existing spill kits with the new Industry Standard coloured bins for $75.00 per 240L kits and $70.00 per 120L kit, during a scheduled spill kit service. This includes removing the contents from the old kit and placing them into the new kit.
Customers will have the choice to keep their old coloured wheelie bins or we can assist with recycling options for them. Some of our customers have already expressed a desire to keep their old wheelie bins and use them for containing the waste absorbents. If you would like to do this too, we can re-label these bins to designate that purpose.
Call us now to discuss how we can bring your kits up to the new Industry Standard.