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Jan, 2013

Solar electricity kicks in!

There has been considerable public discussion regarding the reasons for rising electricity prices. This debate has become an extension of the carbon price debate, which I have discussed in previous blogs. An issue, which has emerged from this debate is that the cost of transmitting electricity from the power station to the end user is more than 50 per cent o [...]
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Nov, 2012

Online vs face-to-face training

The deputy opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull recently commented on the importance of Australian businesses embracing the digital world. It comes as a timely reminder for those of us who deliver training courses. (more…)
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Sep, 2012

US achieves greenhouse gas targets!

My last blog discussed the impact technology which has been developed in the United States to extract shale oil and gas is having. I was quite pessimistic about the negative impact this development would have on the introduction of non-fossil fuels, but, the results have been extraordinary, with the price of natural gas in the US being halved. (more&hellip [...]
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Aug, 2012

Peak Oil Toppled

There is a theory about the supply of fossil fuels for transportation – it is called peak oil. It states that when the consumption of oil exceeds the discovery of oil, there will be a sharp decline in reserves. This will lead to a price shock similar to what was experienced in the 70s, which caused a worldwide recession. (more…)
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Jul, 2012

Harry Butler Honoured

Harry Butler Honoured Doctor Harry Butler may not be well known now, but he was a household name in the late 70’s and early 80’s with his nature program “In the Wild” on ABC Television. Dr Butler pioneered a style of presentation that was mimicked around the world by celebrities like David Bellamy. He might have been a famous television personality [...]
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Mar, 2012

Personal Protection Equipment Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

Personal Protection Equipment Is Not One-Size-Fits-All I have often been asked why we don’t supply Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) with our spill kits as standard equipment. As its name implies, such equipment is meant to be tailored not just to the individual, but also to suit that particular individual’s field of work. It’s important to correct [...]
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Feb, 2012

NSW tightens environmental incident reporting requirements

Late last year, the New South Wales Parliament rushed through changes to the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (POEO Act) regarding pollution incident reporting requirements. The proposed amendments to the legislation were prompted by an incident at a Newcastle Ammonium Nitrate plant where a release of hexavalent chromium into the atmosphere [...]
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Oct, 2011

The Great Carbon Debate

The debate on the Carbon Tax is reaching fever pitch as the legislation gets closer to being unveiled in parliament. In fact the tone and pitch of the debate is such that all reason has been abandoned in favour of shrill accusations from both sides. Seems like a good time for me to get my megaphone out! (more…)
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Jul, 2011

Conference puts light on “Holy Grail” of sustainable energy

Even though I’ve worked as a chemical engineer most of my life, I’m dedicated to ongoing professional development. I’m a firm believer in remaining “current”, particularly when it comes to the latest trends and developments in environmental chemistry. And besides that, this stuff is really interesting (for chemical engineers, anyway!). So last D [...]
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Jul, 2011

Absorb presents at CIGRE National Environmental Conference

While we’re on the topic of professional development... Absorb Environmental Solutions was invited to present two technical papers at the inaugural National Environmental Conference run by CIGRE, an international organisation that shares technical information regarding electrical networks such as the national power grid. (more…)
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