Rain, Rain go away!

Published : 30 Nov, 2017

The wet season has started in Northern Australia.

This again brings into focus the need to ensure that your fuel storage bund remains free of rainwater to maintain the design bund capacity. The Australian Standard AS 1940 – 2017 Storage and Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquids requires the Bund Drain Valve to be locked at all times except when it is being used to remove rainwater.

Rainwater that collects in fuel storage bunds is frequently contaminated with fuel which means the water cannot be discharged without treatment.

Some sites resort to having the mildly contaminated water removed by a liquid waste contractor at a cost of 30 – 40 cents per litre. This cost builds up if the wet season is severe.

There is an alternative in the form of the Absorb Bund Filter. This is a simple filter which can be attached permanently to the drain valve of the bund. The filter body contains hydrocarbon specific filter cartridges which selectively remove the free floating hydrocarbons and allow the treated water to discharge. This water will have no “Rainbow Film” on top which is the main visual indicator the water is contaminated.

Absorb now offers an adaptor kit to allow easy installation of the Absorb Bund Filter. The total cost of the unit is usually less than the price of a single bund pump out by a liquid waste contractor.

We also have options available if your bund water is removed by a sump pump.

Large volume bunds may require alternative strategies involving detection of hydrocarbon contamination in the sump. Absorb also can offer cost effective solutions in this case as well.

If you want the rain to go away for the least cost contact Absorb now to order your Absorb Bund Filter.