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Created for hazardous liquid spills, it absorbs most liquid chemicals in emergencies.

It won’t react with chemicals like oxidising agents, acids or alkalis. It’s light so it’s easy to carry and dispense and is lower cost alternative to other hazchem absorbents.

• Most liquids including hazardous chemicals and water-based or hydrocarbon liquids.
• Rougher surfaces where polypropylene products may not work as well.

• It’s light-weight, so not suitable in wind affected areas. Check conditions before use or try our blanket rolls.
• Use Personal Protection Equipment when handling a hazardous chemical. Call us if unsure. 

Code Description Size
AES HAZ V30 Absorb Hazcheem Granular Absorbent $27.30
AES HAZ V30/70 Absorb Hazcheem Granular Absorbent pallet of 70 bags $1617
$27.30- $1617.00

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