Absorb Oil & Fuel Only Pillow with an eyelet

Absorbents / Hydrocarbon Absorbents / Absorb Oil & Fuel Only Pillow with an eyelet
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Absorb pillows clean up hydrocarbon spills from land or water with very high absorption to weight ratio. They will stay afloat even when reaching capacity. They include an eyelet so they can be tethered in place to passively absorb hydrocarbon from water in pits, sumps or bilges.

SIZE: 500mm X 400mm X 50mm

• Removing hydrocarbons from water in hard to reach places
• Blocking drainage holes in emergency

• If biodegradability is important, use Organic Cushions.
• For water-based liquids or hazardous chemicals, use instead Hazchem Pillows

$604.80- $57.80

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