Absorb Oil & Fuel Only Pads – Light Duty

Absorbents / Hydrocarbon Absorbents / Absorb Oil & Fuel Only Pads – Light Duty
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Each pad is constructed of polypropylene micro-fibres felted together. This creates a strong and durable pad capable of absorbing oil and fuel spills from land or water. These pads allow a rapid and economical clean-up of hydrocarbon spills.

SIZE: 480mm x 430mm x 175gsm

• Spills where the absorbent must float or spills requiring a high absorption to weight ratio.

• The synthetic material won’t readily biodegrade. If this is important, use the Organic Hydrocarbon Pads instead.
• For water -based liquids or hazardous chemicals, use Hazchem Pads.

$1.50- $224

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