Bio-Active Road Spill Absorbent

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Low-dust vegetable fibre with a gritty component to reduce slip and skid hazards. It’s 100% biodegradable and is easily disposed because the absorbent turns to compost.


• Roads, driveways and areas accessed by vehicles.
• Containment of general liquid spills including hydrocarbons, paints and solvents.

• The organic compounds react to oxidising agents and acids. Use instead AES HAZ V30 or PAD 120 absorbents.
• Not suitable in high wind areas. Try Organic Kitty Litter. 

Code Description Size
AES ROAD Bio-Active Road Spill Asorbent 12kg bag
AES ROAD/ 70 Bio-Active Road Spill Asorbent pallet of 70 bags Pallet of 12kg bags
AES ROAD 6kg Bio-Active Road Spill Asorbent 6kg bag

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