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Absorb have modified their original Drip and Leak Centre so that it can now be customised to suit specific sites.


There are now seven types of dispensable absorbents which can be used with the Drip and Leak Centre in any combination. The absorbents are supplied in boxes which are individually labelled for contents and pictographs for correct use. Simply purchase the frame and select three boxes of absorbent in the desired combination. 


Ideal for:

  • Small, anticipated leaks and maintenance spills
  • Comes with pictographs to indicate the right absorbent for each use
  • Absorbents easily dispensed
  • Non-reportable spill incidents



  • Great for frequent small incidents and planned spills
Code Description Size Qty
DLC2 Drip and Leak Centre Frame with Three Shelves – Red 1350mm H x 600mm x 600mm 1
AES PFS/5 B Absorb Granules Premium Bio-Active Absorbent jugs in a box 5 ltr jugs 6
PAD 105/ 200 B Absorb Polypropylene Pads in a box 480mm x430mm x 175gsm 200
PAD 110/ 100 B Absorb White Hydrocarbon Pads in a box 480mm x 430mm x350gsm 100
PAD 115/ 100 B Absorb Grey General Purpose Pads in a box 480mm x 430mm x 350gsm 100
PAD 125 Absorb Organic Biodegradable Pads in a box 450mm x450mm x 200gsm 100
ABR 30 Absorb White Hydrocarbon Perforated Roll in a box  43m x 300mm x 350gsm 1
UBR 30 Absorb Universal Absorbent – Perforated Roll in a box 43m x 300mm x 350gsm 1

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