Absorb General Purpose Vehicle Spill Kit

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The general purpose vehicle kits contain general purpose pads and gelling booms, which are most suitable for water based liquids.

* Water based liquids including emulsions, paints, and cleaning chemicals

* Not for aggressive chemicals including acids and oxidizing agents.

Code Description Size 20 40 60
PAD 115 Absorb Grey General Purpose Pads 480mm x 430mm x 350gsm 10 25 30
AUB 120 General Purpose Boom 1.2m x 75mm 1 1 2
GLOVES Nitrile chemical resistant rubber gloves One Size 1 1 1
BIOBAT Biodegradable Disposal Bags and Ties 40 litres capacity 2 2 3
$123.00- $229.00

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