Absorb General Purpose Spill Kit with Floating Booms

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The ASK 240 GFB contains Hydrocarbon Pads, Floating Booms and Absorb Granules. This spill kit is designed to handle spills that occur near water courses, such as hydraulic oil spills from machinery.

The Absorb Granules are useful when cleaning up areas along a bank or vegetation around a water course.

* Operations occurring near a water course, such as civil works
* Spills of up to 240 litres can be absorbed

* Don’t use this kit for aggressive chemicals like acids and oxidizing agents. Instead, use the ASK 240 HAZG kit.

Code Description Size Qty Price
PAD 110 Absorb White Polypropylene Pads – Heavy Duty 480mm x 430mm x 350gsm 50 $746
AFB 125 Absorb Floating Booms 3.0m x 125mm 4
AES PFS Absorb Granules Premium Bio-Active Absorbent 10kg bag  3
BIOBAT Biodegradable Disposal Bags and Ties 40 litres capacity 10

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