Absorb General Purpose Spill Kit

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Contained in a red wheelie bin for easy identification in a spill situation. The kit can be mobilized and deployed by one person.

This kit includes general purpose pads, granular organic absorbent and organic booms. Use this kit for general spills of hydrocarbon and water based liquids.

* Factories and workshops where a potential emergency spill may occur.
* Liquids including hydrocarbons, emulsions, paints, solvents and non-aggressive chemicals can be absorbed with this kit

* Don’t use this kit for aggressive chemicals including acids and oxidizing agents. Instead, use a hazchem spill kit.
* Check with Absorb to discuss which size kit is appropriate for your site.

Available in Five Different sizes: 120L & 240L

To find out what size it most suitable to you, Contact Us Today!

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