Absorb Oil and Fuel Spill Kit

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This workshop kit has been specially developed for hydrocarbon spills in factories and workshops.

This kit will soak up hydrocarbons but not water and can be easily mobilised and used by one person.

* Factories and workshops for spills of hydrocarbons like oil and petroleum
* Outdoor situations requiring removal of hydrocarbons from wet areas.

* Don’t use this kit for removing waterbased liquids. Instead, use a general purpose or hazchem spill kit. 

Code Description Size 120 L 240 L
AWB 120 1.2 Metre Hydrocarbon Boom 1.2m x 75mm 2 4
AWB 300 3 Metre Hydrocarbon Boom 3.0m x 75mm 1 3
PAD 110 Absrob White Polypropylene Pads – Heavy Duty 480mm x 430mm x 350gsm 75 150
BIOBAT Biogradable Diposal Bags and Ties 40 litres capacity 5 10
$427.00- $846.00

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