Absorb Oil and Fuel Vehicle Spill Kit

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This kit is medium sized but light-weight and will take up a small space on your vehicle.

* Vehicles that service bitumen and asphalt machinery or carry hydrocarbon liquids.
* Hydrocarbon spills like oil, petrol and hydraulic fluids

* This kit does not absorb water.
* To absorb water-based or hazardous chemicals, use a general purpose or hazchem spill kit.

Code Description Size 120 160
AWB 120 1.2 Metre Hydrocarbon Boom 1.2m x 75mm 2 2
AWB 300 3 Metre Hydrocarbon Boom 3.0m x 75mm 1 1
PAD 110 Absorb White Polypropylene Pads – Heavy Duty 480mm x 430mm x 350gsm 60 80
BIOBAT Biodegradable Disposal Bags and Ties 40 litres capacity 5 6
$353.00- $407.00

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