Silt Sock with High Vis Strip

Stormwater & Silt Control / Silt Sock with High Vis Strip
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The High Visibility Silt Sock prevents silt run off into stormwater drains and off driveways or construction sites. Place it along a gutter or around the drain inlet. Simply cut off the required length, fill with gravel or sand and cable tie the ends.

The Sock is made from non-woven polypropylene with a high visibility strip sewn down one edge. It can withstand some vehicle traffic and comes unfilled in an easy to use roll or pre-cut 4m sections. Filters particles as small as 120 microns.

SIZES: 150mm dia. x 4m section or 150mm dia. x 50m roll

• Stormwater protection.
• Building operations.
• Street Maintenance.
• Building washdown.

• The Sock is for silt control not hydrocarbon or chemical spills. Use instead appropriate booms.
• Cut and fill on-site for easier transporting and dispensing.

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