Tyre Mountain to go!

Published : 07 Sep, 2017

A used tyre dumpsite is in the process of being removed from a location in country Victoria. This collection of 9 million tyres is thought to be the 4th largest collection of tyres in the world.

The Victorian Government has decided to remove this dump as it represents a high risk of fire. Tyre fires are particularly difficult to extinguish and are usually left to burn out. The resulting air pollution is a health risk. An expert opinion regarding the fire risk was stated as “When, not if a fire would occur”.

A recent tyre fire in the US burnt for weeks.

This case highlights the difficult search for a commercially viable recycling option for used tyres. There are a number recycling plants operating in Australia however the demand for the products they produce cannot keep up with the production of used tyres.

There is a levy to cover the cost of disposal of tyres which we pay when we purchase new tyres. This appears to be too low to encourage effective recycling processes.

Absorb is doing its bit to address this problem by selling a bund wall product which is manufactured from recycled rubber. If you require a bund installation check with us to see if our product is suitable for your application.