How to use a Spill Kit in 8 Steps Now available as a POSTER

Published : 25 Jan, 2017
Many of you will be familiar with the  ABSORB 8 Step Spill Response Procedure which is the  focus of our Spill Response Training program and animated video. These 8 Steps  have evolved over the past 20 years that we have been delivering spill response training.


The 8 STEPS are now available in poster form in full colour printing. The posters are in two sizes – A2 or A3 and in either lamination or celloglaze finish. The colour is UV resistant and we recommend the laminated posters for outdoor use.


The posters should be mounted on the wall above each spill kit location so that the instructions are clearly available  in both written and illustrated format. I know that all your staff have been trained but in the heat of the moment it is useful to have the instructions handy.

Check with your ABSORB service technician or BDE to see a sample or contact us to order one today.